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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Time for You

A little diddy I wrote last year around this time when my little boy was off to big kid school for the first time.

Time for you
Written by: Sabrina Chamberlain-Parks

It would seem that time is cut up into pieces like brownies in a pan to be gobbled up. A week is made up of days, a day is made up of hours, an hour is made up of minutes. A minute sliced up into 60 seconds. Sometimes a person’s whole life can change in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, one gets lucky and it changes for the better. As was the case in the minutes that it took to find out about you. However, the minutes I waited seemed like hours and by the time the pink plus sign had appeared, I knew my life had changed forever. That moment in time signified the start of motherhood, which would prove to be one of the best times of my life!
 From that moment on I charted your growth week by week counting 42 weeks in all to be exact. That’s how many weeks it took for a tiny you to be ready for the world. The weeks were divided into blocks of time called trimesters until you arrived at the end of the 3rd and final one, as our newborn baby.
You were born in the wintertime. We had to take our time in bundling you up for its wintriness. Quickly, wintertime melted away into spring, springtime burst into summer, and summertime turned into fall. Before we knew it, wintertime had blown in again marking the first year of your life, one that had flown by us in a flurry. More wintertime’s blew in and you grew to be a toddler – and now a pre-schooler. You see, the time it takes for you to grow as a child is broken up into categories, just like the seasons, each one having a special name signifying change.
                I am thankful to Daddy because he worked a lot of over time so that we could have our time at home together.  We’ve had some great times with one another filled with game times, craft times and imaginary playtimes.  That from time to time we took breaks from, so you could have your potty times, lunchtimes, dinner times and naptimes. While trying to teach you some of life’s lessons there were short times that you spent in time out. There have been some trying times that I couldn’t wait for both our bedtimes. There were night time stories that were shared after your teeth were brushed and you were dressed for bedtime.  Also, there were story times at the library, and playtimes with friends at the park. Sometimes messy playtimes, resulted in daytime bath times, followed by down times, in the form of nap times, or early bed times.
Before we all knew it, it was time for elementary school. When night time rolled around I packed your first lunch for lunchtime, filling up your bag with enough food for a week’s worth of snack times. All the while hoping that your time at school would only bring you good times and that you minded your manners and avoided a timeout. I hoped that older kids would spear you a hard time and that if they didn’t mind their manners that they’d get a timeout.
Then I started to think about all the free time I would have during the daytime, with you away at school.  Then for the first time, a tear rolled down my cheek.  I hadn’t taken the time to think about it before. Over the past few years we had shared so much time together that I forgotten what it was like to have time alone. I began to think about what I’d do tomorrow. Deciding then that maybe I’d bake a batch of brownies and pop them into the oven. Just around the time you would be packing up at school for home time. Then perhaps when you got home, we could sit down and enjoy warm pieces of brownies together while sneaking in a little one-on-one time, to talk about how your first time at elementary school was.
I’d want to spend my time doing this so you’d know, that despite the fact that the amount of time we could spent together during the daytime was changing, that whatever time we did spend together was special to me. And no matter what kind of time you were having in life – whenever you needed me to make it...I would always make time for you! However making brownies each time would be a different story!

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