"I honestly thought the term "Career Mom" refered to a Mom who chose motherhood as her career"

Monday, 29 August 2011

Hello All and Welcome to "Career Mom and Would Be..."

Here I am a career mom with a new blog! This is an exciting departure from my stay at home status! I realize that using the term "career mom" may be a little misleading. I honestly thought that by staying at home with my children that I was considered a career mom. Who knew, me a career mom. Despite devoting my life to child rearing, I, like many other stay at home mommies out there have other life ambitions hence the "would be..." component to this blog. If I could dedicate my time elsewhere I would be an interior designer (my trained profession), an artist, a children's book author, a photographer, a landscaper, and a philanthropist (if I generated an income).  

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